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The Animal Circus is a premium, craft, e-liquid dedicated to bringing you the most pure and flavorful vaping experience. We work hard and put in the most effort possible to bring you the best product for an affordable price. Give it one try and you won’t regret it! Welcome to the show!

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Giving Back

The Animal Circus e-liquid in no way endorses or condones the use of animals in circus activities and or any type of animal mistreatment or cruelty. In fact, five percent of our proceeds goes toward animal rights causes. Read more below.

Our Pledge

We are animal lovers over at The Animal Circus e-liquid which is what inspired our brand marketing. We plan to do our part. To that end, five percent of our total net profits will be donated to the ASPCA and Born Free USA, organizations that dedicate themselves to the equal and fair treatment of all animals, links below.
We use our branding solely as a marketing tool for a product that in no way is affiliated with the circus or use of any animals for any reason. Any photos, video, or any other marketing piece used by animal circus were taken by animal circus with animals in the wild, in there natural habitats, without disturbing their day to day activities. Our founder travels often and photographs our products while observing animals from a distance. We will never use our time, money, and or marketing for our product in any way that could infringe on an animal’s rights or well being.

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